HUGE SALE! Saturday, November 5th 9am-5pm

Join us Saturday, November 5th 9am-5pm for a HUGE SALE at Rare Bird!  This house is loaded with 50%-90% OFF. We have so much to sell, that it is spilling into our sidewalk as well!  Included in this sale are 2 massive estates that include, furniture, antiques, collectables, art and more.  We will even have an entire section that will be “MAKE AN OFFER” section, no reasonable offer will be turned away!  A perfect time to begin your holiday shopping.  Come and enjoy yourself in a beautiful house, wonderful music, sweet scents, lovely company and a chock load of goodies!  See you there!img_8251


We are often asked about how we consign.  There are two options.  First being, if they are SMALLER items that can be brought in by you, feel free to bring them here, at the shop 11am-4pm Monday-Friday.  We can take a look and consign the pieces that we feel confident that we can sell.

If you don’t care to bring them by, or perhaps they are LARGE pieces, please email:

  • 2-4 photos of your item
  • the DIMENSIONS (width, depth, and height)
  • any information you have on the piece, i.e. how old it is, the manufacturer, how you acquired it, any provenance that it may have, any history, any documentation you may have, including letters of authenticity, original receipt, etc.
  • your timeline, when you need to move the piece
  • if you have the means to bring it to the store, or if you would need a delivery referral

upon reviewing your email, we will contact you as soon as we can to let you know if it is an item that we feel confident that we can sell for you.  Please be patient with us, and understand this process does take a couple days to go through, please plan accordingly.  img_6029Seeing that we are such a small shop, we kindly ask that you do NOT bring furniture pieces directly to the store before going through this process.  We want to be confident that we can sell your items for you!




The Bohemian look is taking over!  How fun to work with woods, textiles, art, and textures from all over the world.  This eclectic style is all about breaking the rules, mixing styles, mixing old with new.  We just can’t get enough of it.  Speaking of that, we have a lot of it here for you…



We are often asked what type of items sell at our shop.  FURNITURE!  by far, is our top seller.  And by that, we mean well-designed, high quality, handsome pieces from any era, any age.  We are looking for the interesting, beautiful and relevant to today’s interiors pieces.  That does happen to include some antiques, but not all.  We are not an antique shop, nor a collectable shop, rather a home interior store.  We carry many items that are brand-new, some that are gently used, and some that are very old…up to a couple of hundred years old.  If they have decorative value today, and are useable today, then, we want to sell them for you!  Keep in mind that we proudly work with many interior designers and set designers and are on the hunt for a good find!

We do best with:

SOFAS under 7 feet in length, upholstery in excellent condition, no stains, no damage, no crazy fabrics, patterns, or dated styles.  SECTIONALS  are okay, as long as the longest side does not exceed 90″.  Must be Smoke free, pet hair free, odor free, and clean.

COFFEE TABLES usually need to be under 38″ in length.  square coffee tables, need to be even smaller.  heavy metal tables of any kind are difficult to sell.

AREA RUGS need to be 8′ x 10′ or smaller.  Asian style rugs just are not good seller for us.  Rugs must be in excellent condition, must be Smoke free, pet hair free, odor free, and clean.

LAMPS  we are always in need of lamps!  we sell a ton!  smaller scale lamps are our best sellers.  large scale lamps just do not sell for us.  Oil lamps, and lamps modeled after oil lamps, are NOT good sellers.

DINING TABLES under 7 feet in length sell the best.  matching chairs are always helpful and  usually assist in a quicker sell.  heavy styles, (STONE, METALS) do not sell well.  Asian styles, formal, or mahogany tables do not sell well.

BEDS queen size beds sell best.  full or double size beds are difficult to sell.  Headboards are an easy sell (as compared to an entire frame)

DESKS  the smaller  the scale, the easier the sale


Cross stitched, embroidered, country type pieces do not sell for us


If you are interested in consigning furniture, please email photos along with dimensions and information to:

*please do not bring furniture directly to the store, as we carefully plan our floor space and will not be able to accept ‘walk-in’ type furniture consignments

if you have smaller items you wish to consign, feel free to bring them by the store Monday-Friday 11am-4pm.


We appreciate your interest and look forward to working together!





Please join us for a Saturday filled with an array of treasures for the home at better than discounted prices (up to 90% off of their original prices)!  You will find an abundance of furniture, art, rugs, lamps, kitchen items, books, home accessories and more!  It’s always sure to be a fun day full of fun, friends and a few surprises : )  See you then!


Round Top Texas

each year, the tiny town (and i do mean tiny…population 90) of round top, texas, plays host to over 100,000 visitors as they descend upon the area for the world’s largest antique fair.  vendors range from a blanket laid out covered in treasures, to the ‘big red barn’, a full free-standing building chocked full of antiques and curious objects of interest.  shelly and i counted for two of the 100,000 visitors this year.  armed with our 12 foot truck, we were determined to pack it full of one-of-a-kind finds to bring back to rare bird.

shelly began one year ago planning the trip.  it started with a $99 one way ticket to austin, texas.  after setting the alarm clock for 4:30 am travel day, we were on our way.  once in austin, we picked up our truck and headed for round top! nothing more bad ass than two girls and a uhaul on a texas highway. we stopped along the way at the HWY 290 diner, where we had our first taste ever of fried green tomatoes!  when in the south…

IMG_0341  IMG_0309



as we traveled closer to round top, we noticed tents and people popped up along the way. “is this it?” we were still an entire town before round top proper, we had arrived in warrenton, or as locals called it “warrington”.  we were so excited to see what texas had in store for us.  just steps away from the truck, we knew we had arrived!  treasures as far as the eye could see.  it was difficult to focus, as eye candy exploded and went on for acres.  we were fortunate enough to land in the right place at the right time.  we stepped into jill suzanne’s shed, and our collecting had begun.  upon cashing out, we had asked her kindly to guide us in the right direction, as we were not only new to texas, but, fresh off the truck from socal.  we were new to the antique fair, yes we were round top virgins.  she gasped, took a step back, only to return with two disposable glasses filled to the brim with chilled chardonnay (again, perfect timing, as the temperature read 95 degrees!).  she proceeded to give us the lay-of-the-land complete with a list and sketched out map.  after hugging us good bye, we loaded our first haul, where we discovered the secret beer cozies, donning “JUNK DRUNK” that jill suzanne had slipped into our loot as a take-away!  this was the first of friends we made along the way, and our first experience of true southern hospitality.  we were giddy beyond belief! the rainbow in the sky was proof that we were right where we belonged.

IMG_0329 IMG_0327 IMG_0337  IMG_0339  IMG_0335

jill suzanne later spotted us, with her happy trails greeting…wine glass in hand half full, steering with her knee, while beeping her horn of her white suburban!  we filled the rest of the day with shopping until we could no longer find anyone left open to do business.  we were amazed at just how many vendors were there as we drove past the longhorns into round top.  we put our name on the waiting list of one of the two restaurants town, a lively mexican hot spot, where you could hear from blocks away.  three immediate observations…texans like their food, they like their booze and they sure do like to make new friends!  we were in no shortage for company.  we settled into our table, had a great meal thanks to los patrones.  we were lulled into the southern pace by a combination of the local chatter, the two margaritas, and the balmy night.  this place is so colorful, and full with surprises and characters around every turn.  as we paid our bill, we walked to our car serenaded by an ice cream truck playing a loop of christmas songs.  only in texas.




we set the address in our iPhone for our hotel destination, which we had not yet seen.  it was getting late now, really late, and we were looking forward to a good night’s sleep, just when our google maps sent us here…


needless to say, it was a long night!  eventually, we made it to our hotel safe and sound.  in the morning, we were eager to get an early start and were on the road by early morning.  we put in a full day and were able to find quite a few treasures.


we were fortunate enough to stumble upon the famous ‘cole’s antiques’, as they hosted a reception for shoppers.  we got the full texan serenade, fiddles and all.



later that night, we were lucky to get late night dinner reservations at ‘royer’s cafe’,  a quirky country cafe serving down home cooking (the pork tenderloin was ridiculous!), and off course, a full pie menu.  big bud himself called us to our table.   that night, we had the pleasure to dine with three different parties.  we met people from nearby, from austin, and the netherlands at our community table!  we felt like celebrities walking through, as friends we had made thorough the day, called out and waived with smiles ear to ear.


the next morning, we were up at sunrise, and took some time to organize our loot and repack the truck.  with ice in our cooler and our payload secured, we were off for another full day of shopping, rewarded by some of the biggest purchases of the trip.  we also paused for a moment to make some generalizations about texans.  first, and foremost, they are some the friendliest people that we have ever had the pleasure to meet.  they went out of their way to help us or to lend a hand.  the women are beautiful!  and very decorated!  shelly and i both felt as though we were being stared at, due to our lack or adornment.  most texan women we came across were elegant beyond belief and donned at least ten costume jewelry pieces…all at once!  in fact, one woman even wore a necklace with a deer antler pendant.  and the men, SO CHIVALROUS! they were polite and respectful, calling us ‘mam’ at every chance.  in fact, when we thanked them for calling us mam, one man asked “why, what else would you be called?”  our response…”dude!”, “yo”, and the best one, “hey you”.  these gentlemen laughed as though we were pulling their leg!

after getting the truck stuck under a low-hanging tree branch, we decided the texas highway was beckoning us to take our leave and head to austin.  we had three full days of shopping, negotiating, packing and bbq, and decided it was time to say “until next time” to round top texas y’all.

we were off to austin.  we had originally planned that last night to stay near columbus, but after hearing shelly’s tale of the austin bats at sunset, we felt inspired to get to austin by sunset and visit the 1.5 million bats emerge from under the congress avenue bridge.  we managed to book a hotel blindly off the internet and were pleasantly surprisedly by the kimber modern hotel.  it was easy to get to (just off south congress street), easy to get into (self check in with a pin number unlocking the front door as well as our guest room), a friendly manager (she called and stopped in to introduce herself and the property) and a beautifully appointed and comfortable room.  this place was top shelf.


after resting an hour and freshening up, we ‘ubered’ to the congress avenue bridge and waited out sunset.  the bridge was packed.  some were locals, others from across the globe.  7:30 came and went, then 8:00, then 8:30.  NO BATS.  we had to look online to double check to see if we had missed something.  we discovered that there were indeed nights in which the bats stayed put under the bridge and chose not to come out for the night.  we called it and headed to dinner at the congress street cafe.  it was here we had the dinner of dinners and the finest wine of our trip.  we strolled along south congress street peeking in the windows of the shops, cafe’s and boutiques that had already closed.  we needed no more motivation to schedule another austin trip for the future.  we topped the evening off by listening to music pool-side at the hotel san jose and browsing their boutique.  what a beautiful and mellow vibe this hotel has.  we chalked it up on our list for ‘nextime’.


the next morning, we filled our bellies with a hardy breakfast and hit the open road under the big open texas skies.  this was the core of our trip.  we were headed to marfa texas, an artist community full of art galleries, and installments.  we were on our way to the high desert of west texas.

IMG_0430IMG_0447 IMG_0431IMG_0443

IMG_0438 IMG_0441

we even passed through the small town of fort stockton texas, where we stopped to take a snapshot of their very own version of ‘the bird’.  we had around an 8-hour drive, with plenty to see and plenty to talk about.

we arrived at the ever so chic ‘el cosmico’,  a small overnight campground hotel  providing teepees, yurts, and trailers for overnight guests.  we were excited to see what all the excitement over the el cosmico was.  we planned a relaxing dinner in our trailer (away for the mosquitos that were terrorizing shelly).  we had just one stop to make first, to ‘the get go’ we went.  this market was described online as a bodega meets dean and de luca in the high desert.  we picked up lemongrass spiced pistachios, chorizo salami, a baguette, apples, sweet olive oil crackers, triple creme and purple haze cheeses, a nice bottle of cabernet, and mexican chocolat.  tab, $80.  what a relaxing night, though.  we were able to relax, unwind, check in with home and get a good nights sleep.  just what the doctor ordered.

IMG_0470IMG_0466IMG_0461 IMG_0458

the change in weather was shocking.  it was around 100 degree when we arrived and by early morning, it had dropped down to the low 50s.  we made use of the ever-present wagons that carried our bags back to the truck.  we couldn’t help but linger at the gift shop in the lobby, as it was chock full of unique (yet pricey) goodies.  it was there that we picked up gifts for our families and a few treats for ourselves (i had to get their signature frangrace bottled!) the interior was a feast for the eyes, up cycled and repurposed furniture seasoned with southwestern flair and just the right amount of the absurd.  this place was a hipster haven.

IMG_0492 IMG_0488 IMG_0483 IMG_0484 IMG_0486IMG_0490

with the truck re-packed and water bottles filled, we grabbed a quick croissant at the neighborhood cafe, ‘squeeze’ to go, and then hit the road.  next stop, tucson, arizona.  we had another 8 hours to drive before arriving at our next destination.  about 20 miles outside of maria, we drove by the ever-so-popular and talked about – marfa prada store.


it was during this next stretch of road that we estimated a round number of public bathrooms we had been in (roughly 40) thus far, were side-swiped by a bus, had made two road-side pit stops (one emergency one), and took in the fine scenery of new mexico and then finally, arizona.


we were now headed to the gold at the end of our rainbow, the ritzs-carlton at dove mountain. it was there that we would spend our last night of this trip in luxury.  we pulled in after sunset (darn) as the sky was beautiful that night.  we did enjoy the rest of the night fire-side over dinner and flaming (as in ignited) margaritas.  with full bellies, we drifted off to dreamland as we sank into our down -topped beds and 1000 thread count sheets!



in the morning, we eased into our day with huevos rancheros and tea, then off to the pool.  we made an executive decision to try out their waterslide and ended up staying pool-side until after lunch.  we finally tore ourselves away around 4pm, and set out for home.  we missed our families and were ready to spend the night in our own beds.

i don’t know about shelly, but i was feeling pretty melancholy on the drive, as it seemed the week went by so fast.  i absolutely loved this trip.  it reminded me of how much i love my work, how much i appreciate shelly and so enjoy her company, and how brave we really are. i was so grateful that we were able to take this trip.  so thankful to shelly for coordinating it all.   i soaked up every minute of it.  what an adventure.  we recapped our trip, laughing until we cried at all the mishaps, anecdotes, and tales we had lived through over the past week.  not bad for two girls in a big truck.  we unanimously agreed, we would do it again next year, and the year after that, and the year after that, and…




while our new website is being designed, we want to keep it simple to consign.  Here is a quick question and answer about consigning with us…


  • CAN I BRING ITEMS DIRECTLY TO THE STORE?   small items you can bring by the shop anytime monday – thursday 11am – 4pm.  we are not able to accept furniture or larger scale items directly at the store without setting an appointment with kelly first.
  • HOW DO I CONSIGN FURNITURE OR LARGER ITEMS?  for furniture and larger items, please email kelly at:  please send photos and be sure to include the dimensions and description.  keep in mind, that large scale items are difficult to sell these days (downsizing and smaller living spaces).
  • WHAT SELLS THE BEST (HIGH DEMAND)?  smaller scale furniture, no matter what style, time period, or design.  we are looking for interesting and beautiful pieces that are great design and good quality.  we would much rather have something interesting and imperfect, than a perfectly boring piece!  here is what we’re looking for:
    • yes to color!
    • yes to the extraordinary
    • yes to good design regardless of time period
    • tea carts, lamps, small tables, interesting bookshelves, round bistro tables, neutral small scale sofas, ethnic rugs, small desks, serving carts, large bold art
    • coffee tables over 38″ wide
    • sofas larger than 7 feet
    • no sewing machine tables, roll-top desks, or curved-top trunks
    • no figurines, silver, silver-plated, cut glass or crystal (the only exception are crystal decanters, and silver tea pots)
    • no silk  or artificial flowers
    • no upholstered pieces that are in need of repair or cleaning.  all upholstered items must be in great condition.
    • no china sets
    • no oval dining tables
    • no cute or country items
  • HOW DO WE PRICE ITEMS?  all of our pricing is based on what similar pieces are selling for today in our store.  we feel this is the best gauge we have for something’s ‘value’ (what someone is willing to pay for it today) Some pieces are more marketable or are in higher demand than other.  these items are priced a little higher.  Prices are driven by what’s selling.
  • ARE ITEMS REDUCED IN PRICE?  any items that have not sold in 30 days, are reduced ONE TIME by 25%.  there are no further markdowns.
  • DO WE NEGOTIATE PRICES?  all items are carefully priced based on what similar items are selling for.  WE DO NOT NEGOTIATE PRICING.  we pride ourselves on our fair pricing.  customers are welcome to wait 30 days, to see if the item makes it to the 25% markdown.  we do not contact consignors with customer offers.
  • HOW LONG DO WE KEEP ITEMS?  we keep items for 60 days.  during that time, we ask that we be able to exclusively sell your piece(s).  if an item does not sell in 30 days, it is reduced in price by 25%.  this is the only mark down.  if a piece does not sell in 60 days, we give it back to you.  there are a few exceptions for those who choose to not accept the item back.  in those cases, we donate to goodwill industries.
  • HOW MUCH COMMISSION DO CONSIGNORS RECEIVE?  we pay 45% of the selling price to the consignor with a check once a month on the 15th.  we also offer 55% of the selling price in a store credit.  it is the choice of the consignor.  we write everyone a check and a voucher and the consignor gets to choose.
  • WHERE DO MOST OF OUR ITEMS COME FROM?  most of our consignments are from people just like you!  over 70% of what we well every day is from someone who is downsizing, redecorating, or cleaning house.  we get consignors that are getting rid of their storage units, re-locating or moving, or going through a major life event.  we have handled entire estates, or portions of estates.  we accept from many interior designers that are bringing in new items for clients and bringing us what they replace.  we receive items from pickers, estate sales, auctions and even yard sales!  we even receive brand new items, be it from retailers that buy enlarge quantities, or stagers that no longer need new pieces they purchase…we have it all!
  • we pride ourselves for selling only the interesting, rare and beautiful.  we use exceptional discretion when we take an item on to consign.  our loyal clients, count on us to curate a collection of exquisite pieces that are displayed creatively, and beautifully.  our clients know that we have done the searching for them.  they rely on us for this.
  • because of our creative merchandising and displays, each piece is made to look as beautiful as we can possibly get it to look.  we try our hardest to bring out each piece’s beauty.  we constantly (every day) move pieces throughout the store, as to give them as much exposure as possible.
  • we sell things FAST!  our loyal clients know how quickly items sell in here, and stop by as often as they can.  we try to make it near impossible to go by without stopping in to see what’s new.
  • we are small but mighty!  our shop is only a little over 1,000 square feet, however, we do A LOT of business online, via Facebook, Instagram, Yelp, Pintrest and others.  we have a ‘WISH LIST’ where we collect names and contact info along with what clients are looking for.  we then contact them with photos and other information on any items that we feel they may be interested in.  we are so very grateful for having such  a large and loyal clientele!
  • our pricing is fair and realistic.  we price items to sell and rarely need to return items left unsold. we have our finger on the pulse of what people are spending on items today.
  • we network with a large group of interior designers that are always looking for that certain piece.  designers are a great portion of our business.
  • our shop is an old home, almost 100 years-old that exudes charm.  this setting is ideal for displaying furniture and home decor.  we pay attention to the view out of every window, we practice feng shui, we create an ideal shopping atmosphere with aromatherapy and only the BEST music playlists! we make it hard to leave!
  • easy to shop here!  we have plenty of street parking and a loading area right out front.
  • we believe in family!  we are two mothers with families at home, but we so enjoy meeting new clients each day, and seeing them return.  again, and again!  we literally have clients that shop with us us every day.  it’s a wonderful community to be part of.  we always have our eyes open for that special piece for that special person.  we love nurturing that shopping atmosphere and it shows.