Final Days of Rare Bird

Dearest Friends of Rare Bird,

It is with a heavy heart that I announce the closing of Rare Bird Consignment House.

For over five years we have had the pleasure of playing in this wonderful grown-up sized doll house.  We have worked with thousands of consignors and we have given new chapters of life to your works of art.  We have helped friends and neighbors through life’s changes—starting a new home, moving across country, divorce, remodels, and even death.  We have created beautiful friendships that I hope to sustain and continue to grow.

Here is the schedule of events through these last closing days for shoppers and consignors* :

Sunday 2/19  sidewalk sale (sale items up to 90% OFF)
Tuesday 2/21-Saturday 2/26 all regular priced items will be reduced by 25% (this discount will be provided and paid for by rare bird and NOT the consignor)
Sunday 2/27-Saturday 3/4 all regular priced items will be reduced by 30% (this discount will be provided and paid for by rare bird and NOT the consignor)
Saturday 3/5 last day Rare Bird will be open

*Consignors may collect their unsold items anytime tuesday-sunday 10-5, and MUST BE COLLECTED NO LATER THAN SATURDAY  3/4 at 5pm
*Any remaining consigned items after 3/4 will be donated
*The last consignor checks written on March 15th for February and March sales will be mailed to the address we have on file

I would like to personally thank you for filling my heart with your support, your business and your friendship.  Thank you for the opportinuty to have a dream of mine come to life.  I wish you and yours all the best.

Yours Truly,


HUGE SALE! Saturday, November 5th 9am-5pm

Join us Saturday, November 5th 9am-5pm for a HUGE SALE at Rare Bird!  This house is loaded with 50%-90% OFF. We have so much to sell, that it is spilling into our sidewalk as well!  Included in this sale are 2 massive estates that include, furniture, antiques, collectables, art and more.  We will even have an entire section that will be “MAKE AN OFFER” section, no reasonable offer will be turned away!  A perfect time to begin your holiday shopping.  Come and enjoy yourself in a beautiful house, wonderful music, sweet scents, lovely company and a chock load of goodies!  See you there!img_8251


We are often asked about how we consign.  There are two options.  First being, if they are SMALLER items that can be brought in by you, feel free to bring them here, at the shop 11am-4pm Tuesday-Friday.  We can take a look and consign the pieces that we feel confident that we can sell.

If you don’t care to bring them by, or perhaps they are LARGE pieces, please email:

  • 2-4 photos of your item
  • the DIMENSIONS (width, depth, and height)
  • any information you have on the piece, i.e. how old it is, the manufacturer, how you acquired it, any provenance that it may have, any history, any documentation you may have, including letters of authenticity, original receipt, etc.
  • your timeline, when you need to move the piece
  • if you have the means to bring it to the store, or if you would need a delivery referral

upon reviewing your email, we will contact you as soon as we can to let you know if it is an item that we feel confident that we can sell for you.  Please be patient with us, and understand this process does take a couple days to go through, please plan accordingly.  img_6029Seeing that we are such a small shop, we kindly ask that you do NOT bring furniture pieces directly to the store before going through this process.  We want to be confident that we can sell your items for you!




The Bohemian look is taking over!  How fun to work with woods, textiles, art, and textures from all over the world.  This eclectic style is all about breaking the rules, mixing styles, mixing old with new.  We just can’t get enough of it.  Speaking of that, we have a lot of it here for you…



We are often asked what type of items sell at our shop.  FURNITURE!  by far, is our top seller.  And by that, we mean well-designed, high quality, handsome pieces from any era, any age.  We are looking for the interesting, beautiful and relevant to today’s interiors pieces.  That does happen to include some antiques, but not all.  We are not an antique shop, nor a collectable shop, rather a home interior store.  We carry many items that are brand-new, some that are gently used, and some that are very old…up to a couple of hundred years old.  If they have decorative value today, and are useable today, then, we want to sell them for you!  Keep in mind that we proudly work with many interior designers and set designers and are on the hunt for a good find!

We do best with:

SOFAS under 7 feet in length, upholstery in excellent condition, no stains, no damage, no crazy fabrics, patterns, or dated styles.  SECTIONALS  are okay, as long as the longest side does not exceed 90″.  Must be Smoke free, pet hair free, odor free, and clean.

COFFEE TABLES usually need to be under 38″ in length.  square coffee tables, need to be even smaller.  heavy metal tables of any kind are difficult to sell.

AREA RUGS need to be 8′ x 10′ or smaller.  Asian style rugs just are not good seller for us.  Rugs must be in excellent condition, must be Smoke free, pet hair free, odor free, and clean.

LAMPS  we are always in need of lamps!  we sell a ton!  smaller scale lamps are our best sellers.  large scale lamps just do not sell for us.  Oil lamps, and lamps modeled after oil lamps, are NOT good sellers.

DINING TABLES under 7 feet in length sell the best.  matching chairs are always helpful and  usually assist in a quicker sell.  heavy styles, (STONE, METALS) do not sell well.  Asian styles, formal, or mahogany tables do not sell well.

BEDS queen size beds sell best.  full or double size beds are difficult to sell.  Headboards are an easy sell (as compared to an entire frame)

DESKS  the smaller  the scale, the easier the sale


Cross stitched, embroidered, country type pieces do not sell for us


If you are interested in consigning furniture, please email photos along with dimensions and information to:

*please do not bring furniture directly to the store, as we carefully plan our floor space and will not be able to accept ‘walk-in’ type furniture consignments

if you have smaller items you wish to consign, feel free to bring them by the store Monday-Friday 11am-4pm.


We appreciate your interest and look forward to working together!





Please join us for a Saturday filled with an array of treasures for the home at better than discounted prices (up to 90% off of their original prices)!  You will find an abundance of furniture, art, rugs, lamps, kitchen items, books, home accessories and more!  It’s always sure to be a fun day full of fun, friends and a few surprises : )  See you then!